Soul Food

Outside of this kitchen
Their cold & battered flesh
Seek out for my eyes
To bring them warmth

I got a pot of greens on my stove
And a wooden spoon that never forgets

My grandsons and granddaughters- Thank God & Amen
– Were baptized in pot liquor
Wiped clean with manna

I got sanity in this succotash
Respect in these ribs
Freedom for a weary soul
In these collards & cornbread

Inside of this kitchen
Spirits flicker like a pilot flame
Rekindle, my children
Thank God & Amen


This poem also appears in Emergence, available at


About the Poet:  Kamari Bright is a poet/writer whose works revolve around understanding and introspection. She has received nominations for her debut short film “Black Coffee”, co-curated art exhibits centering people of color, and authored her first poetry book, Emergence.


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