10 Ways to Write a Poem

  1. Reassemble the torn bits of the poem
    ++ he left on your desk in 1989
  2. Listen to the waves wash around
    ++sanded jellyfish and mermaids
  3. Retrace the steps he took
    ++to give you a birthday kiss
  4. Dance with her in post-stroke
    ++and wedding dresses
    ++++and a virtual audience
  5. Feather the skinned knees of every
    ++smooth-cheeked kiss
  6. Drink down wine
    ++turned to water
    ++++turned to winter
  7. Stretch the length of your spine
    ++along his hand and the lined page
  8. Taste the fat of coffee cream lyrics
    ++sung by a burning boy
  9. Lock eyes with clasped hands
    ++across happy hour smiles
    ++++and congenital heart defects
  10. Commit it all to paper
    ++commit to no one
    ++++commit soul to holy hands
    ++++++commit the rest to memory



About the Poet:  Annmarie Lockhart is the founding editor of vox poetica, an online literary salon dedicated to poetry, and Unbound Content, an independent poetry press. A lifelong Bergen County, New Jersey resident, she lives, writes, and works two miles from the hospital where she was born. You can read her words at fine journals online and in print.


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