Stars Lie

The stars lie.
Hanging in the sky,
Their shimmering noose
In trail.

Hiding themselves beneath the soiled sheet of night.
Too many nightmares and accidents.

The earth is covered in dirt.

They flicker in blink,
Hoping to bring just one moment
Of light.
A song, a rhyme,
To lessen this dark.

But clouds pass,
With the freedom to live over other lands.

And the stars,
So unsettled in this sky,
Exploding all final hope,
Leaving only
A blackened


About the Poet:  Heather M. Browne is a faith-based psychotherapist, recently nominated for the Pushcart Award, published in the Orange Room, Boston Literary Review, Page & Spine, Eunoia Review, Poetry Quarterly, Red Fez, Electric Windmill, Apeiron, The Lake, Knot, and mad swirl. Red Dashboard released her first collection, Directions of Folding.


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