Night Showings

There is little choice but to close
your eyes, let night do the work;
with luck your body will rest,
though that’s only half the fun.

The better part is to watch your
other self act in uncensored movie
roles; irrational, unfinished scripts
from a genre-rich library: adventure,

romance, fantasy and horror. Turn
up at black-of-night premieres,
ride an emotional rollercoaster
through deep wishes and dark

fears to breathtaking, jaw-dropping
finales – that light of day will do
level-best to convince are quixotic,
far-fetched as ever.


About the Poet:  Paul Waring is a retired clinical psychologist who once designed menswear and was a singer/songwriter in several Liverpool bands. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming at Clear Poetry, The Open Mouse, Amaryllis, The Lampeter Review, Anapest Journal, Reach Poetry, Rat’s Ass Review, Foxglove Journal, Eunoia Review and many others. His blog is


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