Before Dawn

Before a gleam appears
on the ledge of the horizon-
Before the sky blushes
in acknowledgment
of the compliments
of early risers-
Before a glint of sunlight
torches the dew on grass
creating sparklers

I kiss the dark, stand
Queen of the Night
naming shadows-
snatch pleasure from
the absence of noise
the cacophony of people
and the impedimenta
of their lives

soak myself in peace
filled with the quiet sounds
of the working world
a dancer poised on one toe
as though time and motion
are unrelated

until a robin in nearby nest
announcing perception
of the shift of light
burbles in his exotic language
clear in its translation.


Published in Joan Higuchi’s chapbook  A World of Small Things Singing  (


About the Poet:  Joan Higuchi is a multiple prize winner in Writer’s Digest contests, including a category first place as well as the Miracles competition sponsored by the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association. Her poems have appeared in many online and print productions and she is the author of one chapbook of nature poems A World of Small Things Singing (www.finishinglinepress) and a collection based on her work as an RN in the field of mental health (



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