Today is a day for books and grass
To wander across the fibers of your own mind

Spend hours running the pad of your finger
Over ghost body trees made smooth for scribble

Get lost in folds of hot sunshine
Perhaps meet the ladybug at her level

Sway back and forth
Back and forth

Listen for the whir of tiny wings
Lay your ear to earth to count the rate

Of grass production: slow
The near silent beat out of sync with your carefully written schedule

Oblige the hours
Give into the pleasurable clutter

Today is a day to be a barefoot risk taker
To sidle up and make friends with abandon



About the Poet: Twila Newey lives with her four children, husband and several elk herds in the mountains west of Denver, Colorado. She earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Naropa University and has finished her first novel, a portion of which won publication in Exponent II’s Midrash Contest, fall 2016. In addition to her voracious appetite for fiction, she is an avid reader and writer of poetry.


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