Just for Today. 
by Tricia McCallum 

Not every last “t” needs to be crossed.
For once let a button unravel.
Perfection is a lie. A shape shifter.
It will keep you chasing after it
Like a spent greyhound after its rabbit.
Leaving you spent,
With nothing to show.
Forget the empty milk jug.
The thank you note can go unwritten.
Hospital corners are excessive.
People can live without a balsamic reduction.
And those time consuming shrimp rolls.
Pick up the store brand.
No one will notice,
And even if they did.

About the Poet:

“Poetry is my church. My refuge. Without it I wouldn’t have navigated my life nearly as well.” 

Tricia McCallum, a Glasgow-born Canadian, is a Huffington Post Blogger, a 2016 Pushcart Prize nominee and the author of The Music of Leaving (Demeter Press 2014) and Nothing Gold Can Stay:  A Mother and Father Remembered (2011).

She has won the poetry competition at goodreads.com a total of three times through the past three years, along with an honorable mention. McCallum says she publishes both online and off, wherever she can find good homes. “My approach is simple. I tell stories in my poems and write the poems I want to read,” she says.

Meanwhile, McCallum can be found online at:  www.triciamccallum.com,

facebook.com/tricia.mccallum.9 and twitter.com/triciamccallum1