Your rain rains more than mine
by Faye Nunez

The rain will always come
to drench the world in tears.
Sometimes it comes in little sobs
or loud cries of pain kept for years.

The pavement is wet with sadness
on this side of the street.
But once you reach the corner,
it is a dry road that you’ll meet.

It’s when you need an umbrella
that it’s sunny on the other side.
It’s when you run and duck for cover
that somewhere, you can just walk in stride.

Don’t fret over a little rainfall
Be not disheartened by a drizzle of rain.
Somebody else is stuck in a downpour.
Someone’s drenched in a severe hurricane.


About the Poet:
Faye Nunez is from Manila Philippines. She works as an account manager in a marketing agency. Writing fuels her creativity. She also loves music and travel.