the dreamer
by Ekta Somera

the wind carried a rhyme
quite out of tune
and the butterflies followed
like wildflowers
draped from the clouds
the dreamer watched from afar
trapped in a jar of caterpillars

mocked for the way she dared
to fly before earning her wings
the caterpillars refused to believe
they could ever be as free
as petals surfing on the wind
trapped in a jar
the dreamer taught the others
how to conceive passionate credence
for who we are is far more important
than what we appear to be



About the Poet: Ekta Somera is a 19 year old writer with an incomparable imagination. Currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts via the University of South Africa. She aspires to change the world by inspiring the youth through poetry and prose. Ekta Somera is involved in the upliftment of her local community through voluntary service at the library and involvement with the senior citizens.