A Plea from a Bathroom Scale

Hello? You see me. I’m right in front of you.
Chisel through grout sealing your feet to tile.
I miss the feel of rippled skin along your arch.
What are you afraid of anyway? Numbers
fluctuate constantly. So you’ve had too many
burgers, pizzas, french fries, plantain, too much ice cream
rum cake, and your belly is a little swollen–
so what! Does that mean you can’t tickle me, can’t rest
your soles on me? You can, one foot at a time.
Try–for me. Without you I can’t exist. I need you.
If you start dancing like you used to, going
to the gym 3 times a week, grapes here, plums there…
I can make you feel like cars on the autobahn.
Baby, I’ll give you wings, paste them right on your back.



About the Poet:
Patricia Biela is a native of Maryland and graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology. Biela is a Cave Canem South Fellow and has participated in 18 writing workshops including Callaloo, Cave Canem South, How Writers Write Poetry–International Writing Program-The University of Iowa, Hurston/Wright, The Muse, Provincetown, and Dr. Tony Medina’s Poetry Boot Camp. Her poems appear in Barely South Review, Berkeley Poetry Review, The Caribbean Writer, Drumvoices Revue, and World Haiku Review among others. She has a poem exhibited in Epiphany Salon and Spa, D.C. She teaches a recurring poetry workshop to retirees.



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Photo from UnSplash.