Little Red and the Amuse-Bouche

Friday night at the State Doll Hospital
and the social room of the psych ward
is filled with figures still able
to trudge through the thorazine haze.

Cowering in a corner is Little Red, hood
dragged over her eyes, hiding (she thinks)
from the mean girl dolls – Batgirl, Bratzilla,
and their fearless leader, Lingerie Barbie.

At the sit-down dinner, Chef Red serves
her signature amuse-bouche: wolf tartare.
When they learn what it is, the trio
snarks and screeches and shrieks

like their nails are being torn out,
tongue-lashing Red about the sanctity
of life (ironic for plastic dolls), screaming
“Red, you’re nothing but a cannibal”.

“No, I’m not”, she weeps, beaten down
“plush animal dolls, even those in costume,
no matter how cute, are different species;
we can eat wolf because we are Tribe of Doll”.


About the Poet:
Kim Peter Kovac works nationally and internationally in theater for young audiences with an emphasis on new play development and networking. He tells stories on stages as producer of new plays, and tells stories in writing with lineated poems, prose poems, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, haiku, haibun, and microfiction.



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Photo by IraEm.