Remnants In the Kitchen After You Leave for Work

A perfect circle of milk
that glistens white
and translucent
on the table – a memento,
or perhaps an echo
of your porcelain cereal bowl.

The melange
of coffee and dark toast
aromas, drifting
across the slanting
morning sunlight,
sending me
searching the shelves
for ambergris or musk
to fix the base note
of our morning.

The splash of sun
that gilds the edges
of the morning paper,
burnishing yesterday’s news
into a rare folio edition
of an ordinary day.

– “Remnants…” first appeared in Music I Once Could Dance To (2014, Coal City Press). (

About the Poet:
Roy Beckemeyer, from Wichita, Kansas, has had poems published in The Midwest Quarterly, Kansas City Voices, The North Dakota Review, Dappled Things, and I-70 Review. His debut collection of poetry, Music I Once Could Dance To, (2014, Coal City Review and Press) was selected as a 2015 Kansas Notable Book.


Photo by James DeMers.


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