The Only Sound

Cacophony is a reminder, we exist.
I search for the Sun ray behind it.
Wherever I find, I find it with a stretch
and stretches are never sad –
Smiles at you; at me
and that, the night one leaves with its absence
is also a stretch.
Such an optimism making us optimists
by default,
that a sound dies when something isn’t seen
or something isn’t meant to be seen
leaving a bigger sound,
proclaiming an arrival on a glass pane
and a departure
both of which cannot be heard.



About the Poet:
Born in the year 1988 in a town named Silchar in Assam, India, Daipayan Nair is a freelance writer, author, poet, surrealist and admin of a few active groups on social media platforms. His poems have been published in quite a few international as well as national magazines and anthologies. He has also been awarded a few prizes including the recent Reuel International Prize For Poetry 2016. His recently published book containing his collection named ‘The Frost’, a bouquet of lyrical poems.

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