god is in session

wailing, screaming sirens
tear the night apart
screeching burnt rubber
scar the asphalt
as you deeply inhale and sigh
carbon, rubber and sweat
attack your senses
hands on the spinning steering wheel
thinking, planning, expecting
the unexpected
no plan survives initial contact
grabbing rushing pushing jostling
questions, answers
sobbing screaming crying
……. silence

gloved hands palpate poke prod
ears listen, eyes roam
instructions issued
god is creating
and it will be good
skin exposed
clothes cut
working in blood and flesh
are gods tools
needles puncture
flashbacks appear
and reappear

machines beep
fast then faster
fluids chase in
smells assail your senses
burnt metal, blood, vomit
you drive them down
sweat drips off god
mixing with blood
god is in session
angels hover

applied and present
vials crack, needles puncture
….. skin
beep … beep …….. Beep
slower and slower
vocal chords visualized
the bag of life
is squeezed
rhythm of life is kept in balance
a refractory pause ensues
gloves changed, sweaty brows mopped
spectacles wiped clean of sweat
decisions discussions decisions

beeping changes
angels move closer
god intervenes
shoves them rudely aside
not today god says
not on my watch



About the Poet:
Michael D Emmerich hails from Cape Town, South Africa. He has been involved in Emergency Medicine for the past 30 years, and traveled and worked in over 25 countries on the African continent. He has been writing poetry for the past 4 years, and has also kept a detailed journal of his work and travels in Africa, and is busy with a work of fiction on that aspect of his life. You can follow him on his site mikesnexus or on twitter, @MikeEmmerich. “Writing has become who I am, it is both cathartic, healing, confrontational and a means of seeking (partial) closure. My poems are a mix of thoughts, questions and ideas; from journey’s traveled, literal and imaginative.”



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