I Want to Be Married at Home Plate

My bride in a frilly white dress spilling
over the white rectangle marking
the left hand batter’s box

She twists her spikes into sugary dirt
digging in at the back of the box peering
over her shoulder and through the veil at

Lefty, the minister, toeing the pitcher’s rubber
Day so dazzling we wear long brim caps
Bride slowly swings her bat back and forth

I race in from third in my morning coat
Execute a perfect hook slide around the catcher
shower brown clay all over her dress

She pulls me to stand by her side
We brush each other off, grab bats
take our stances, stare down Lefty

Who lobs in a softball: “do you
promise to cleave to one another,
forsaking all others?”

We knock it out of the park.
Start life together dirty
sliding home just under the tag.


This poem also appears in Peter M. Gordon’s, Let’s Play Two: Poems about Baseball available  at Amazon.


About the Poet:
Peter M. Gordon’s poems have appeared in magazines, anthologies and websites, including Slipstream, Journal of Florida Literature, 34th Parallel, Cultural Weekly, and the Sandhill Review. He recently released a chapbook, “Let’s Play Two: Poems about Baseball.” His first collection, Two Car Garage, was published by CHB Media. Peter’s a freelance journalist and sportswriter whose work appeared in over one dozen books and publications ranging from The New York Daily News to the West Orange Times-Observer. Peter lives in Orlando, Florida and teaches in Full Sail University’s Film Production MFA program. Let’s Play Two can be purchased at Amazon.


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