Blanket Party*

I remember:

male faces
+ lost inside kappa
+ sigma epsilon jackets
the blankets they threw
+ out of bedroom windows
+ the day before the party
++ she
never came back
+ from

the smiles they wore
that one boy
+ who stood ready to jump
+ like the unfortunate man
+ who supervised the
++ sewing girls
+ that went to work that day
+ locked behind factory doors
+ and
++ fell
a heap of blankets
+ strewn on the sidewalk
+ below the open
+ workroom windows

* After Walter Sanders’ photo, originally published in the May 26, 1941 issue of LIFE magazine.



About the Poet:
Annmarie Lockhart is the founding editor of vox poetica, an online literary salon dedicated to poetry, and Unbound Content, an independent poetry press. A lifelong Bergen County, New Jersey resident, she lives, writes, and works two miles from the hospital where she was born. You can read her words at fine journals online and in print.



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