Sanborn Library, February

The hum of hot water
kicking inside hidden pipes
belies the library as a respite from noise.

The walls’ iron arteries measure time
in metallic hisses.
An old woman coughs,

then turns her page.
A young girl,
standing in the open doorway forgets

the large room’s little
warmth is rushing into the frozen Wednesday behind her.
My look of disapproval

reminds her time
is short. The student volunteer will stop
serving tea at the top of the hour.



About the Poet:
Greg Hill is a writer and voice over talent in West Hartford, Connecticut, and has an MFA from Vermont of College of Fine Arts. His works have appeared in Whiskey Island, Cheap Pop, Atlas and Alice, Queen Mob’s Teahouse and elsewhere. In the evenings, he composes little tunes for his daughters, who are too young to know how poorly their father plays the piano.


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