Poet Census

Numbered like centuries of chipped stars,
we stood, waited to be counted, categorized,
divided like sheep and goats
by poetry’s crooked staff.

Angelou, Atwood, Oliver were lined
behind Browning, Dickinson, Rossetti,
their mouths fat with words,
tongues thick with gossip.

I leaned closer to hear. They spoke simply
of beauty, love, and how the corners of death
fold us into ourselves and sometimes
it is the wings of poems that lift us back to life.



From Word Ghetto published by Bluelight Press.



About the Poet:
Loretta Diane Walker won the 2016 Phyllis Wheatley Book Award for poetry, for her collection, In This House. She is a five time Pushcart nominee. She has published three collections of poetry. Her manuscript Word Ghetto won the 2011 Bluelight Press Book Award. She teaches music in Odessa, Texas.  Loretta received a BME from Texas Tech University and earned a MA from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.



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