I lost summer somewhere

in the wildflowers, woke
to trees blushing at my disregard,
wind hurrying the clouds along.
I should have seen the signs.
I watched geese abandon their twigged
April nests, pin-feathered goslings
ripple ponds listless with July. Now they rise
gray against the gray sky, skeining south
before first snows.

I’ll stay here, I tell them. I’ll air out
cedared cardigans, chop carrots
for the soup tonight, cross
the threshold of the equinox,
try not to stumble.



About the Poet:
Sarah Russell has returned to poetry after a career teaching, writing and editing academic prose. She has over 80 poems published in Kentucky Review, Red River Review, Misfit Magazine, Shot Glass Journal, and many other journals and anthologies.  Her poetry has won contests through both Goodreads and Poetry Nook, and she has been a featured poet at Days of Stone and The Houseboat.  She blogs at SarahRussellPoetry.net



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