Talk to Me
by Heather Pease

I hunger for talent dissimilar,
a worthy exchange,
a coupling of minds.
I want colloquy.

Talk to me, make me guffaw, be irresponsible
becoming drunk on words
undressing my mind
with infinite conversation
of things that matter
… or don’t.

I desire to genuinely hear you
… for you to easily listen to me
Possess tangible interest in what I spout
crave me +++++++++++ for my mind.

Sit beside me, let’s
hold hands
turn off the world around us
and yarn words
into a blanket
we call our favorite.


About the Poet:   Heather Pease is a Poet focusing on work centering on feminism, sexuality, identity, culture, mental health, politics and domestic violence. She writes from her own experiences, aiming to give voice to vulnerability, making people think about subjects often stigmatized through society. She writes to empower others whose voices remain unheard. She lives in Orange County, CA with her husband, and two daughters and is currently working on her first book of poems.

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Facebook – @HeatherPeasePoetry

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