The Thrill of New Crayons
A poem by Lois Perch Villemaire

The Thrill of New Crayons

We snapped open the cardboard lid
inhaling the familiar scent
of the yellow and green container,
rows and rows in the grand 64-pack

Each standing like a waxy soldier
ready to be selected
wrapped in a coat of paper
identifying the hue.

Each sharpened to a perfect point
ready to color our world
in paper bound books of cartoons,
flowers, nursery rhyme characters.

Was this when we learned
to stay inside the lines?
Was this when we learned 
more or less pressure
could change the color?

A new box of crayons,
one of life’s special gifts
before homework,
before responsibilities,
before life became complicated.

About the Author:

Lois Perch Villemaire writes poetry, flash memoir and fiction. Her work has appeared in such places as Blue Mountain Review, Ekphrastic Review, One Art: A Journal of Poetry, Pen In Hand and Topical Poetry. Anthologies, including I AmMy Father’s Daughter and Truth Serum Press – Lifespan Series have published her memoir and poetry. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Lois lives in Annapolis, MD.

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