advice from my future self
A poem by Rose Brightree

advice from my future self

here i sit under the ancient evergreens,
ninety-five growth rings
gracing my face
and still the winds of life
blow through me

did you succeed or fail?
that is what you came here
to ask

they are all forgotten,
and most successes you will
never see,
being thoughtless and invisible,
small everyday kindnesses
leaving scatterings of light
behind you,
the kind that make the sky

what is it you fear—change?

is a withered leaf afraid of descent?
of transformation?
it falls from life to

in all the universe
there is not one breath
out of place

About the Author:

Rose Brightree is a poet, artist, classical musician, and passionate nature lover and supporter. Her poetry has appeared in Room Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, Sistersong: Women Across Cultures, Other Voices, the anthologies Revelation and Winners’ Circle (Canadian Authors Association), and in other print and online publications.

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